Chen’s Food Adventure #4 (Blue Bowl)

Taking it to OC now! After three consecutive posts about places in LA, I thought it was time to actually do something in Orange County. This year, I was introduced to acai bowls by my sister who knows a bit about the healthy “trendy” foods. As someone who isn’t a very big fan of fruit, I was thoroughly surprised by how much I liked acai bowls. I’ve known about Blue Bowl for quite a while because of its style of preparing the acai bowl. Blue Bowl is a build-your-own acai bowl place. A Subway for acai bowls! Since my sister and I got really similar bowls, I’ll be giving ratings on the different aspects of the acai bowl and the service since I can’t analyze the different types of bowls. Let’s begin!

Blue Bowl
Blue Bowl from the Outside

At the time we got there, there was a line since it was lunch time. Now… I’ve gotten used to lines in food places so this line was already pretty fast. On a Friday at 12:30’ish, we waited about 5 minutes until we got to the build-your-own acai bowl process. Just like Subway, there’s no menu which may seem overwhelming when you hit with the massive selection of toppings they have. You don’t need to fret too much about it since they are very patient but just get a general idea of what you want when you get there.

Blue Bowl
The “Menu”

Since there were two of us and we both wanted to experience the process, we got two small acai bowls ($7 each). If you’re just going by yourself, I recommend getting the medium size since it’s going to be more filling but not much more expensive.

Blue Bowl.jpg

In the picture, you can see the medium sized bowl in the upper middle section and the large size in the upper right hand corner. The selection was much bigger than what I expected especially when you can get as many toppings as you want.

Size of Blue Bowl
Small Acai Bowl


When you first approach get to the customizing process, they’ll ask you for what base you want. Make sure you say you want acai as the base and not just “acai bowl” or else they’ll think all you want in the acai (We made that mistake.).

Blue Bowl
4 Types of Granola!!!

My favorite part of an acai bowl is the granola and they sure had a lot. When they asked what we wanted, both my sister and I asked if we could have all four in which they said yes. You can see the small acai bowl we got in the upper left hand corner.

Blue Bowl
Fresh Fruit

After the granola, you can choose all the fruits you want. Blue Bowl offers the ubiquitous fruits you find at every acai bowl place like strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. But the interesting thing is they offer apples. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen apples on an acai bowl. Props to Blue Bowl for making sure their fruits are fresh. The bananas and apples are cut right in front of you.

Not enough toppings? Time to put “garnishes”!

At this part of the process, you can put the few minor toppings which really bring the whole acai bowl together. What’s cool is you can also add some kind of peanut butter or a variant of it. Most places will have the toppings like honey, agave, or syrup but the fact they have peanut, almond, and cashew butter is awesome.

Blue Bowl
Healthy Stuff

If you need more crunch, they have a bunch of different seeds. They have agave, apple honey (fancy!), and ginger honee (even more fancy/they spelled it that way).


The Bowls

My Bowl
Sister’s Bowl














My Bowl: Acai Base + Bananas🍌, Strawberries🍓, Apples 🍎 + Cacao and Toasted Coconut + Peanut Butter and Agave

Sister’s Bowl: Acai Base + Bananas🍌, Strawberries🍓, Apples 🍎, Blueberries + Cacao + Peanut Butter and Agave

Freshness: Right when we got to fruit section, we were quick to note the fruits were super fresh. They had full apples and unpeeled bananas ready to be cut for your acai bowls. Blueberries and Strawberries were already displayed out there but we could tell from the taste the fruits were fresh. The strawberries were tart and the blueberries were still soft. Since I don’t like blueberries (and I didn’t get it) , I did not know what to say. It took my sister several bites of the blueberry to decipher if they were fresh or not. In the end, we concluded the blueberries were not hard like frozen blueberries and they were still plump.

Final Score: I personally did not have any problems with the fruit but because we had a slight hesitation in the freshness of the blueberries I will have to dock it down a tiny .75 points. 9.25/10

Everything You Can Put on Your Bowl

Variety: Blue Bowl excels at this category the most for me because of the myriad of combinations you can get. At almost every single acai place I’ve been to (which really isn’t that many), the menu will be set and you can only choose between about 10 bowls. There have been times where I would see mangoes on one acai bowl but the rest of the toppings are things I do not like. Luckily, there’s no chance of you having to sacrifice your favorite topping in order to get a bowl with fruits you’re okay with. There’s peanut butter! And almond butter!! AND CASHEW BUTTER! I forgot to mention earlier but it’s not just acai bases they offer. There’s also pitaya, chia pudding, and steel cut oats. For me, the biggest surprise was the multiple amounts of granola they offer. 4 kinds! Especially for someone who thinks granola is the best part of an acai bowl, I was thrilled to see there was a bunch of granola.

Final Score: The one thing I would have to critique them on is the smaller amount of fruit. While they do have apples, Blue Bowl doesn’t offer mangoes, peaches, and pineapple. This is a minute thing so I’ll only dock it a .25 points.

Acai Bowl After 9 Minutes

Blue Bowl
I’m a slow eater

Consistency: I cannot really give a rating on this since everyone is different in terms of how they like their acai bowls. But one thing is for sure. The consistency of the acai base stayed very firm for the whole entire time I was eating it. The other day, we went out to buy to-go acai bowls from Blue Bowl and when we got home, the consistency still stayed the same. You can see in the picture above the acai bowls did not just collapse after a few minutes. It still retained its consistency!


Service: For a build-your-own place, the “acai bowl artists” were very patient. I’ve gone to several places to get a build-your-own whatever product and for the most part, I felt rushed. There are people behind you waiting for their turn, the artists (I think that’s what you call them) tend to get annoyed if you take too long, and often times, you’re overwhelmed by the selection. At Blue Bowl, they are super patient with you and very kind. If you ask them for a sample, they’ll gladly offer it to you. You do not need to worry about them giving too little toppings. Both times I went, the people were super generous with their toppings.

Final Score: There’s nothing bad I can say about them! 10/10

2 Blue Bowls


Overall, Blue Bowl is a great acai bowl place. The prices are reasonable! Their service is exceptional! Their fruit is fresh! Everything is good! I 100% recommend this place to anyone who’s really wants to try everything at an acai bowl place.

Thank you guys so much for reading today’s post. If you guys could leave a comment in the comments section, that would be much appreciated!

See you guys later! Bye!



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