Chen’s Food Adventure #3 (Milk)

Hello guys! I’m back with another food adventure. 3 food adventures in a row! During the 4th of July, I went around LA trying different foods (and dessert). First, I went to Grand Central Market to try Eggslut, an awesome brunch spot, for lunch. I was already full from the sandwich/potato puree heaven I ate. But no food trip is complete without dessert which is why I went to Milk! From dairy to dairy. Milk is an ice cream shop in LA near Beverly Hills. There’s actually one in Silver Lake but my family and I decided to go to the Beverly Hills’ one. Milk specializes in ice cream but they’re most notably known for their macaron ice cream sandwiches. Since my sister actually went before (which is why we got the idea to come here), I’ll be reviewing those ice cream macaron sandwiches as well. Compared to my last post, there’s going to be a lot less pictures because of the amount of storage all the pictures from Eggslut took up. I’m sorry… But I’ll make it work. This time, I’ll be rating each of the ice cream sandwiches out of 10 which will be this time on the taste. Alright! Let’s get started!

When you walk into the shop, you’ll most likely be stunted by the line so don’t rush into the shop. Waiting for our chance to order was probably one of the slowest lines I’ve had to wait through. But at least during that time, you’ll be able to plan what you’re going to choose since it’s going to be a hard decision. If you reach the ordering station and you’re worried you might not get the right thing, they’ll gladly give you a sample of whatever flavored ice cream you want. <–(ONLY APPLICABLE TO ICE CREAM AND NOT TO THE ICE CREAM MACARONS) While they do mostly specialize in macaron ice cream, they still sell regular ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, cookies, and cupcakes. Not to mention they have some cool ice cream flavors like Thai Tea (which we sampled and tasted really similar to Thai tea). Be aware the macaron ice cream sandwiches are separated into another freezer and you’ll need to sort of scoot up to the glass to see what kinds of flavors they have. Their flavors will alternate almost every month with a few stationary flavors. Also keep in mind Milk is not a cheap place to eat for each macaron ice cream sandwich is $6 (Yikes!). But again, it’s LA and it’s in the rich part of LA… Beverly Hills. Thank goodness the macaron ice cream sandwiches are pretty big though.

Now it’s time to go over the different flavors!

Red, White, and Blue Velvet

Perfect for 4th of July!

This was the first thing which appealed to my sister and I was the Red, White, and Blue Velvet macaron ice cream sandwich. We both asked each other what we thought we might get and this one was both of our first choices. As you can see, they mix and match their macarons just for more fun. The flavor of the macarons are still the same but it’s just they use different dyes for the batter. My macaron ice cream sandwich was half dipped into what looked/tasted like white chocolate. It wasn’t an option to get it half dipped but I probably would have my macaron dunked in white chocolate if it were an option. I was glad the macaron retained it’s shape and didn’t just explode the second you took a bite into it. It’s a little chewy since it has been put in the freezer along with the ice cream but it was still awesome. In every little bite of ice cream, you had a piece of red velvet cake which was much better than just chunks of red velvet cake. The chewiness of the macaron isn’t bad actually especially with ice cream because you have the different textures which complement each other well. I really enjoyed this one.

Score: 8/10

Froot Loops

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich
It’s so colorful!!!!!

My sister chose to get the Froot Loops macaron ice cream sandwiches. Now it’s not just a couple of Froot Loops put on top of the macaron ice cream but there are actually Froot Loops blended in the ice cream mixture. It’s not like the red velvet one where you can actually see the cake but the ice cream actually has the cereal blended into it. They had different colored macarons again. (Fun Fact: My favorite Froot Loops are the blue and orange ones. So that was perfect. Don’t know about my sister though). Now interviewing my sister: “The beginning of eating the macaron ice cream sandwich was good. The Froot Loops were kind of stale but that’s how it is eating any kind of cereal macaron ice cream. (By the way, my sister has gone before and tried the Lucky Charms one so she’s knows what she’s talking about.) Since it is in the freezer though, you can’t expect the cereal to still retain its original crunchiness. There was a satisfying crunch though, of the macaron, no matter how many bites you took. After several bites, it was be harder to eat because of the taste of the Froot Loops. Quite unique to have cereal flavored ice cream though!

Score: 7.5/10 


My only complaint is the line, which went by really slow. Efficiency may be something they need to up their game in since we waited in line for a bit longer than we should have. It was about a 10-15 minute wait. Overall, Milk was an awesome place to try in LA. It’s definitely much different from the fancy macarons you see at French bakeries and also different from the typical ice cream sandwich you see at the grocery store. I will admit the price is really steep ($6) but it’s not something you need to go to all the time! You should definitely try it out if you guys ever get the chance to snatch a dessert from Milk. The employees are nice and won’t be angry to give you a sample. (Just don’t ask for too much!) I hope some day, you guys will be able to try Milk. Add this to your LA bucket list! You won’t regret it!

Thank you guys for taking time out of your day to read my blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

See you guys later!

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