Chen’s Food Adventure #2 (Eggslut)

Hello guys! It’s time for another food adventure with me! For July 4th, I went around LA trying various types of food one of which was Eggslut. Pardon me for my language as it does pain me to spell it/say the second part of the place’s name but since it is its name, I’ll just have to go with it. Eggslut is one of the most popular vendors to eat in Grand Central Market if not the most. Grand Central Market of LA is an open market-style with various vendors ranging from tacos to ramen to Eggslut! When you go to the front of Grand Central Market, this will probably be the first thing you see. You can’t miss the long snake-like line around this vendor. You guys must be thinking really hard about this but this restaurant has to do with eggs. As an egg fanatic, this place sounded awesome. On this food adventure, I’ll give a more analytical review giving each food item a score based on two factors, the taste and the money’s worth. Let’s get going!

Eggslut from the Outside

I do have to admit the line was pretty long. It probably took about 25 minutes to get my food but all was redeemed for such good food. Luckily, I had companions (my parents) to hold our spot in line while my sister and I went to check out the different vendors in Grand Central Market. In the front, they store a couple of laminated menus you can grab before you get into line so you can decide what you want to eat. You shouldn’t need to worry about losing your spot in line cause chances are, the people behind you in line are going to want to see the menu also! I didn’t take picture of the menu but I took a screenshot of the online menu so you guys can see the general gist of what they serve. Egg Menu


Egg MenuEgg Menu

When you come to Eggslut, the Slut is a must even though it’s one of the most expensive things on the menu. Since I forgot to take a picture, I think the prices of the sandwiches were around 7 dollars and the slut was 9 dollars. It is on the pricey side of food but hey! It’s LA!

One of the best pictures of food I’ve taken
I took many pictures….

Time to review the food!


Three out of 4 of us got the same thing…. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese:

IMG_1463 (2)
Doesn’t this look awesome?!?


Egg Menu
Practicing how to take pictures like these.








Bacon, cheese, and egg all put in between two warm brioche buns. I don’t see what could go wrong with that. When you take a bite of the warm brioche bun and the crispy, savory bacon alongside the subtleness the cheese and egg creates a perfect combination (There’s also barbecue sauce which provides a sweetness to it also!). There are two things which I can sort of complain about. The price ($7) is pretty steep for an egg sandwich but if you’re here, you might as well just get it because it’s still good. Also, the second thing is you may not be aware of the sunny side up egg inside so the egg yolk may explode and get all over the wrapper. But overall, it’s pretty good.

Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich
They’re generous with the bacon as you can see.

Taste: All the combinations of the different flavors and textures really worked well together. I’ll give it a solid 8/10.

Money’s Worth: $7 for an egg sandwich is expensive and for that reason, I will need to give it a lower score. 7/10

Final Score: 15/20

Egg Salad

Egg Salad Sandwich

From the name, you would think it was just an egg salad but it’s actually a sandwich. When you look at the menu, it is really a sandwich but just so you guys won’t get confused, it’s an egg salad sandwich. I didn’t get the egg salad sandwich but this was what my sister got and here’s what she thought. The egg salad was a bit messy but still good. There’s a creamy taste rather than a savory taste. Since my sister has gone here before and ordered this before, the shock of how good it was sort of diminished. At times, the arugula taste was overpowering but it’s an egg salad sandwich it’s what you’re kind of asking for.

Taste: Since it’s her second time, she’ll give it a 7/10.

Money’s Worth: For $6, it’s cheaper than the rest of the sandwiches but it’s vegetables. She gave it a 6/10.

Final Score: 13/20


Pure Heaven

THE MUST GET AT EGGSLUT! This potato puree is so good. With the three pieces of crunchy bread just breaking in your mouth in combination with the creaminess of the potato along those small bites of egg is just a flavor explosion. We had to get three of these because of the hype.

That egg poke was magical.

Honestly, you just have to get it. The container is glass and I actually took it home. Not really much to do with it but it’s cool when you can take something home from a restaurant (PS: I don’t know if you’re allowed to actually take it home, but I never saw anything saying we couldn’t).



A little bit of egg yolk, a little bit of egg white, and some of the awesome potato puree.
If only they had this dip everywhere.



I wish we could get more bread for $9 since it’s not as filling as the sandwiches but it was still amazing.

Taste: Taste-wise, it was perfect. An egg and a creamy potato puree all put on top of a crispy bread chip…. I want one right now. A 10/10.

Money’s Worth: The price for the Slut ($9) is also pretty expensive especially because of the rather small amount of food you actually get. I will say this alone will not be able to fill up your stomach completely but it’s an awesome snack. I will have to give it a 7.5/10.

Final Score: 17.5/20

Fresh Orange Juice


Screenshot (3)
Fresh OJ


Probably the least unique out of all of them. It just tasted like OJ. Based on all the pictures on Yelp, I thought the OJ was going to be really good but it honestly tasted just like Tropicana.


But again, go big or go home. The orange juice is really just to complement everything else since everything is primarily brunch based.

PS: You don’t need to wait for the OJ to be served, you get it immediately after you order it so drink it while you’re waiting or walking around Grand Central Market.

Taste: Just like a regular cup of OJ. Can’t be so good but you can’t go wrong with it. 7/10

Money’s Worth: Ummm. For $3.25, it’s expensive but you might as well get it for the full experience! 6/10

Final Score: 13/20


All The Food in
One of the sandwiches was camera shy


Alright guys! This concludes my second food adventure. Overall, Eggslut was such a good experience to try especially on the 4th of July! Trust me, wait through the line and if you’re scared of not enjoying it, get something else at Grand Central Market. A must try when you go to Grand Central Market!

See you guys later! Bye!




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