Chen’s Food Adventure #1 (Diddy Riese)

Hello world! For those of you guys who don’t know me, my name is Eric but I like to go by “Chen” sometimes so feel free to just call me that. I have been writing blog posts on my other blog called “Chen’s Corner” and this website has been left dormant for quite a while. But this is where we start!

While I was in LA touring around the Museums, I couldn’t help but try some of the famous LA dessert places. Diddy Riese was one of the best places for me to start out since I do have some close people to me who go to UCLA (GO BRUINS!!!!!!). It’s pretty much cross street from the campus. At first, I tried the cookies before at a church fellowship and from then on, I could not stop thinking about the cookies. When I heard there were ice cream sandwiches, it definitely drew me towards going there to try their ice cream sandwiches.

Diddy Riese
My Ice Cream Sandwich (Half White Chocolate Chip and Half Chocolate Chip with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream)

For just $2, this is pretty much on the cheaper side of LA desserts. It was super delicious! My only critique is the cookies did not stay very composed with the ice cream but it makes sense since the cookies were made so freshly with ice cream scooped immediately on top of them. Their cookies are pretty cheap also. 50 cents for one and $1.25 for three! If you guys ever go to Westwood or somewhere near UCLA and are craving cookies, Diddy Riese is a great place to go!




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